Our Story


Our Mission

My name is Samuel Hawkins and I'm the owner and operator of 
Whitetail Landscaping & Snow Removal. I have been practicing sustainable approaches to landscaping since I attended Bidwell Training Center's World Renowned Horticulture & Landscape Design program. 

My passion for the outdoors started at the very young age of eight, mowing lawns and helping my father with his own landscaping and snow removal business. Since then I have never strayed from the landscaping industry.

During my time in the Horticulture Technology program, I have obtained memberships to several professional organizations such as  PLNA (Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association) and PLANET (Professional Lawncare Network). It was there that I decided to pursue the dream of owning my own company in Pittsburgh. I love this community and what better way to invest in Pittsburgh pride than to start a business!

Whitetail Landscaping & Snow Removal has been in the works for years, as I always knew I would one day start my own landscape firm with the environment at the forefront. The Pittsburgh community has been so welcoming and supportive of my dream to begin the entrepreneurial journey. We invite you to check out our website, our projects and what Whitetail Landscaping is all about.